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What Lessons App Developers Can Learn From Wordle Success

Wordle is gone viral, and the copycat apps are multiplying as you read this. If you are a Twitter user, you can't escape it even if you are not a part of the trend. It seems like everybody is playing word puzzles and can't get enough. According to the press release, the success led to the bought up by the New York Times for low seven-figure. So we decided to analyze tactics that made Wordle explode and how app creators and developers could incorporate them into their applications.

What Lessons App Developers Can Learn From Wordle Success

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1. Unique Task for a Limited Period

Nobody has a lot of time to play a game, even if it's a crossword paul which is supposed to be good for your long-term neural health. And that's why the concept of one game per day and only one attempt was so welcomed.

2. An Opportunity to Share Results

The share option was crucial for Wordle's success. And it's not something new. Many apps encourage people to share their progress in learning, reading, dieting, or exercising. In Wordle, it worked for growing the user base of the app. But all apps are different, and not all users are comfortable sharing their winnings, let alone failures. Nevertheless, sharing results is a must feature to include in your app. For example, if you're building an app for any kind of addiction, sharing button would be a great додаток.

3. Game But Make It Intellectual

In the age of grind and productivity, users are encouraged to cut the screen time, only work and no play. But the Wordle musk itself as a brain exercise. So it can't be bad for you. Also, it only takes around 5 minutes to play, so how bad could it actually be?

This tactic you can use in banking abb, for example, encourage users to make one purchase outside the house for the day and give them some kind of badge of honor after the month and year. You can even sell it as an exercise like walks for mental health with an extra purchase as a price.

4. Easy Access From Any Device

You can play anywhere, and you don't even need to download the app. It also adds free, so the users are not annoyed by any distractions. And this tactic played off well for the creator Josh Wardle. As we now know, he sells the app to the new york times for a low seven figures price.

So what is the lesson? If your business is a startup, you can see its potential and believe in it. It's not necessary to start with an included monetization.