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10 SEO Mistakes Even Experts Make

We propouse alist of SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2021. The year is coming to an end aтв it's always a great idea to check the SEO of your site. 

1. Poor structure of the internal links

  • Complex and confusing structure for the user;
  • lack of internal links to important pages;
  • duplicate URLs;
  • links leading to 404 errors.

2. Creating content for content

  • You can still find projects in which, for example, articles are written without research and preparation (let's say ten articles per month of 1500 characters, topics/content - not necessary, the major content update).
  • More content does not mean better. One valuable material can be more effective than 5-20 or more unnecessary articles. It is not necessary to prepare materials without research and careful preparation.

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3. Not investing money in content

Quality and number of links for the project/page is black gold in SEO. Quality content is one of the ways to extract it.

4. Lack of attention to the created content

In addition to creating content, it needs to be promoted: through links, reposts, and other tools.

5. Optimization for incorrect keys

Strategy only for Google Analytics requests. Non-target keywords for the landing page

6. Not using Google maps (Google Business)

This misses the opportunity to reach your target audience from organic search and Google Maps search results.

7. Lack of regular audit

A common mistake to not make those. The algorytn is: audit > fixed errors > forgot. The site is a mechanism that can break, and periodically you need a check.

8. Lack of regular study of Google Analytics

This is a more subtle analysis than a technical audit. Whether failures on these or those pages grow, how users behave and how to improve site content.

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9. Ignoring the technical part of SEO

Are all the necessary pages scanned? Are there broken internal links/images? Wrong 301st redirects? Hundreds of duplicates? All these things are affecting site results.

10. Lack of SEO strategist and action roadmap

Rolling actions may not always be effective for a particular project. However, both the client and the SEO contractor need a strategy and a roadmap for the project.

Basically, finding SEO growth points for a project is not a trivial task at all, so often, even just digging into typical issues can bear fruit. We hope it will help you with SEO optimisation and if you need any help with software development, check out our portfolio.