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5 Examples of Finance App Gamification

Today we analyse 5 different finance mobile apps to learn how they are making users stick around. Budgeting can be fun with suitable instruments. So let’s find out which mobile apps have the best gamification techniques in the finance sector.

Gamification with insights from Moven’s CRED

Moven is a digital bank and CRED is it’s version of a credit score. Cred is based on social and financial management credibility. Users are willing to share their data in exchange for insights about their spending behavior.

Gamification with insights from Moven’s CRED

Qapital and Connecting Triggers and Goals

Qapital can convert your actions into savings. With this app users could add triggers and connect them to saving goals. For example, every time you're open twitter - you pay 50 cents towards your vacation fund. You can also choose offline triggers like buying a cocktail or a beer, paying for a taxi, or delivery.

OTP Banka Hrvatska and the Quest to Spread Awareness About the Products

European bank OTP Banka Hrvatska used gamification to educate users about their services. User's earned points while going through quests and learning about the bank's accompanying products. This way, the bank can raise awareness through a game-like experience and increase product consumption without direct promotion.

Monefy and using Evolved UI Gamification Tool

Monefy is a budgeting and spend-tracking app. The developers used evolved UI gamification tactics to engross users into analysing spending habits. Users get visual feedback and can see the spending diagrams and how different categories affect the balance.

Monefy and using Evolved UI Gamification Tool

Visualising saving goals with SmartyPig

SmartyPig is a finapp that is centred around saving. They use gamification to make goals seem more real, visualize user’s progress and give options to personalize accounts to suit users' goals and aspirations.

In Conclusion

Gamification helps create more engagement inside apps. The financial segment also helps to translate boring and sometimes scary experiences like budgeting, saving, or repairing credit scores into fun and addictive activity. If you need to gamify your finapp or create an immersive user experiencу in your future mobile app, get in touch.