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22 Design Tools and Resources for Non-Designers

Not every small business, startup, or public initiative has a graphic designer. But little design-related tasks appear constantly. And we’re come up with a list of useful tools and resources which non-designers can use while battling a design-related crisis. Of course, this list is not a full-fledged replacement for the designer, and having one if you can afford it is a smart investment. But for occasional assignments, these tools and resources would be pretty handy.

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Canva, Crello, icons8 — online recorders with buying templates for social networks, presentations, printed products, animation, etc.

Colors — generator of color palettes that combine. A find for non-designers.

99designs, Logo Makr — generator of logos and identities.

Easelly, Infogram — online editors for creating infographics and diagrams.

Flaticon — free icons.

Projector — a fairly powerful editor for presentations, almost Keynote.

Blush — generator of hand-drawn characters, will save you money on the illustrator and deprive you of template stock images.

StickPNG, Cleanpng — search for images without background.

Unsplash, StockSnap, Pexels, Burst by Shopify — free stock photos.

Gratisography — photo stock with weird photos.

Freepik — stock with designs, icons, photos.

Shutterstock, Depositphotos — paid graphics, photos, videos.

Let's Enhance — an online tool for enlarging images.

We hope this list would be useful but keep in mind that using these tools still requires some sense of style.