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9 Things We've Learned About Software Development From Our Clients

Working on projects in IT is a two-way stream. Our clients are teaching us something every day, and we wanted to create this list as a gesture of appreciation to them.

1. Software Requirements Specifications can be similar, but every project is Unique

There are no templates even for similar projects. Every time you start from scratch and create software for new goals. Companies are different every time, and tasks are different too.

2. The Client isn't Obliged to Be Completely Frank With Us

The client has the right to tell us exactly as much as he wants. It can be tough to find that we didn't know something important after the launch, but as much as it upsets us, the client's information belongs to them. All we can do is stipulate how the lack of knowledge will affect the result (if at all possible).

3. Inputs will change

No matter how well our brief is, no matter how detailed debriefing you are, no matter how closely you work with the client's team, the project will change. If this frustrates us, alas, we aren't ready for the job.

4 Our Job is to Argue, Not Insist

Even if it seems to you that you have come up with a move that will predetermine the company's future and at the same time save the world, the client has the right to refuse it. Not only that: maybe he will do the right thing:

5. If the Team Doesn't Like the Product, Users Won't Like It Either

This does not mean that every team member should love the final product, but in general, this rule seems to work. If the client's team has some doubts and ideas for improvement, they are probably right. 

6. ​​Target Audience has Hidden Segments

We're always don't know about all the people who use our product. Some users do not fit into our ideas about the target audience. These can be tiny clusters, but you learn amazing things about the brand and product when you figure them out.

7. "Off-label" Usage is Important

It is worthwhile to be interested in how people use our products and services. Sometimes this is entirely unpredictable, but this knowledge is crucial for developers and in-house marketing teams.

8. You Have to Learn from Every Client

Even if, at the beginning of a project with a new client, it seems that you are completely ready for work and everything is familiar, you are making a mistake. If this company were like everyone else, it would have been kicked out of the market long ago.

9. There are no Perfect Results

No matter how hard we try, the client will be more satisfied with something in our work and with something less. So we have to try to track and correct the second as best we can.

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