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How to Create a Niche Dating App

The dating apps market is already formed, but there is still a place for new niche apps. Today we’ll find out what features are crucial for niche dating apps.

1. Voice Chat & Messages

If your future app is all about creating deep emotional connections, the voice messages and voice chat features are worth looking into. After the Clubhouse success, everybody tried to implement voice chat, but unlike Instagram, voice chats are needed in dating apps. They help create an intimate atmosphere and can be great for longer conversations for users who aren't fond of typing. Also, if voice chats are working inside dating apps, users do not need to go to third-party applications.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags, if implemented competently, can bring the experience of using dating apps on a different level. For example, users can use more specific keywords to find a match and describe themselves more accurately.

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3. Advanced filter system

Choosing gender preferences and age gaps isn’t enough for a niche dating app. While developing an app oriented on asexuals or non-heterosexual/genderqueer users, there is a need to include options for different preferences and orientations.

4. Safety

Protecting your app from hacking is one of the main goals, and message encryption is a must. But also, you need to ensure users are comfortable with the interface and communication options. For example, AI implementation can help with unsolicited nudes in users' DMS.

5. Profile-centric interface

The combination of thirst photos and quick swipes is great for finding a casual partner for a hook-up. Still, if your target audience is looking for long-term relationships, the app's main feature should be a profile with preferences, hobbies, and interests. You should also consider a hybrid verification system. For better results, requirу at list two verifications - with photo and mobile phone or email, integration of a social media profile, etc.

In Conclusion

The main takeaway from our list is the need to do a deep analysis of your niche. That's why you can find features that bring users to your app. And don’t forget to market your app. For example, there are a couple of apps and websites specifically for asexual people. But the audience isn’t there. Even asexuals themself quick to admit that OkCupid has more asexual users than ACEapp or Asexualitic. That means that choosing an empty niche isn’t enough. It would be best if you found your audience.