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How to Develop a Decentralized Messaging Apps for iOS and Android: Feature Analysis

In 2021, global spending on blockchain solutions is projected to reach 6.6 billion dollars. Furthermore, forecasts from the April of 2021 suggest that spending on blockchain solutions will continue to grow to reach almost 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. A part of this spendings is located in decentralized messengers development which is in high demand due to increasing surveillance worldwide. Today we analyzed five existing decentralized and encrypted messaging apps. In addition, we created a list of must-have features for blockchain-based messaging apps.

Unique Public and Private Key Pair

For protecting messages from unsolicited viers, a decentralized messenger should have a feature for generating two keys to protect the correspondence from prying eyes. It's a primary feature for outside content protection and is used by many decentralized apps, for example, Cyphr.

Ability to Communicate in Groups

Not all users are looking for the ability to have private conversations between two parties. So the ability to have a group conversation is an essential feature for decentralized messengers. With privacy being a priority, most existing apps are limiting the number of participants in group chats. For example, the Wickr app has a ten contact limit for one group chat.

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Synchronization with the Tor Network

Synchronization with the Tor Network provides a layer of security for messaging and enables the creation of new accounts on public XMPP servers. Tor is also helping to bypass restrictive firewalls, for example, in the Chatsecure messaging application.

Sharing and Receiving Images, Files and Voisemasseges

Communication in messenger isn't complete without graphic elements. And it's also true for decentralized messaging apps. For example, in the Tox messaging app, you can even securely make and receive voice calls.

Low Battery impact

You can't forget to make everything for a low impact on the battery life of the user devices. It's crucial to create not only a safe application but to ensure that the device will not die too soon because of overworking,

We hope this list will help you plan for your decentralized messenger application. In addition, you will find some ideas and inspirations in creating a blockchain-based messenger. If you need any help, don't hesitate and contact us, we specialize in blockchain development. Check out our portfolio for more info.