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How to Choose the Right Development Company for Your Goals

Choosing the right IT company for product development can be a tiresome task. You look into dozens of companies, compare projects, evaluate websites, go through a series of emails and zoom calls or meetings. It feels like this first step is a never-ending circle. So, how to choose the right partner,  and what factors you need to consider in the process.

1. Onshoring, Offshoring, or Nearshoring

You need to decide if the location of the development team is a dealbreaker for you. If you want to have the ability to meet the team in person and your tasks are specific enough, onshoring is your best bet. But the price will be higher than with the other two options. The main benefit of nearshoring is the same or close timezone. For example, many altRecipe’s developers are based in Kyiv. So it’s only two hours difference between us and our clients from London and one hour between us and clients from Paris, Oslo or Berlin.

Offshoring is great for prices мге don’t have the same timezone benefit.

2. Previous and Ongoing Projects

You want to know if a company had similar and successful projects. You should see and ideally test them. We’re updating our portfolio regularly, but some projects are under NDAs. It helps to ask about the specifics of the company and the niches they represent.

While looking at the finished project, check out the design, usability, and validation.

3. Being on the Same Page

Trust your intuition. If something about a company or team doesn’t feel right on the first stage of negotiation and continues to the following meetings, it’s a good enough reason to look for another partner. Sometimes people fall into the psychological trap. A potential partnership can seem more valuable if you already invested your time into the process and started the negotiation. It’s
called the sunk-cost trap. And it also implies the right to change the company even after you start working.

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We hope this list will guide you through the process and help to find your perfect development match. If you have any questions about our expertise, portfolio and want to know more, let’s talk about your project.