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Top 7 Features of the Perfect Betting App

Online Betting is booming worldwide, and we want to present a list of features and aspects that will change the game and make an outstanding betting app. So if you plan to develop a betting app, this list should be useful. 

Total sports betting revenue in the United States from 2018 to 2020(in million U.S. dollars)
Total sports betting revenue in the United States from 2018 to 2020(in million U.S. dollars) — Statista

1. Intuitive UI

Interfaces are everything for an app, and the important thing is to make it easy to use and learn. Making an interface appealing and engaging users into the betting experience is the final goal here.

2. Social Media Integration

One more basic but essential feature is integration with the most popular social media platforms. It helps with a more saturated experience because users can find their friends and add more dynamics.

3. Rewards (as a part of gamification efforts)

In-app rewards that are connected with the whole betting experience are crucial for a good Betting App. This way, you create a connection between users and product and make them loyal. In addition, in-app rewards help to return users to the app and provide a stable user base.

4. Betting Guide for Beginners

One of the most crucial features for ensuring the new users stick out with the app. How and when to place bets, how to collect earnings, etc. The more transparent you’ll be with users, the better will be the reputation of the app.

5. Players and Teams Overview

To help users make their bets give them profiles on all the players and teams with complete statistics. It’s important to present information with infographics and the technical ability to compare performances of different athletes and teams: the more overview, the better.

6. Customization

Let users customize their profile, pick favorite categories and turn off unnecessary functions and sports categories. It’s also vital to help select the betting model and distinct betting categories. These functionalities need to be easy to change if wanted.

7. Livestream events

Having the ability to watch the game in an app cannot be overstated. So providing legal in-app live broadcast is a great perk. It’s also helpful to have text broadcasts for users who, for different reasons, can’t watch live events but still wanted to keep up with the match/contest.
Another option for this feature is providing links on available broadcasts if introducing a live stream feature isn’t an option.

In Conclusion

Online gambling apps are the future. And if you want to be part of it, get in contact with our representatives.