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askRobin: Estonian marketplace for credit products, which operates in Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

AskRobin was founded in Estonia in 2017. It provides financial services mainly in Latin America and Mexico, opening up access to loans to millions of people who, for various reasons, cannot get a product from a bank. Here, digital lending fintech projects are battling for market share with loan sharks and semi-legal MFIs. The audience of AskRobin is about 60% of the population of the countries.

From Chatbot to Marketplace Development

The first market was Mexico, and the first product was a chatbot that helped them gain basic financial literacy skills. But the founders soon realized that this was not enough: there were no accessible, understandable, and profitable products on the market.

Since then, askRobin has evolved into something similar to Credit Karma in the UK, which combines free credit scoring with a marketplace for financial products.

At the end of 2018, the startup expanded to Colombia and Argentina and later to Peru. As of 2020, AskRobin has raised $1.7 million in investments and has grown into a platform where lending companies compete for customers looking to get the best deal. The main thing for founders is that people are in a position of strength and do not expect indulgence from banks and their scoring systems.

There are about a hundred creditors and 1 million users on the site. The turnover of AskRobin is less than $5 million, and the company employs only 25 people. One of the key partners is the large financial analysis company Círculo de Crédito, which takes care of the integrity of the personal data of more than 70 million Mexicans.

Data-driven personal approach

When creating an account, the application's algorithm learns a new user's financial needs and capabilities using a simple questionnaire. Over time, the information is supplemented and updated. askRobin aggregates data about the financial lives of clients and forms a financial profile. Then, it determines which products the platform will offer to a particular user.

For lenders, these segments provide insight into the risk level of a particular client, increase approval levels, reduce acquisition costs, and, most importantly, open up new markets that previously lacked data to enter.

The application works with key financial institutions in the countries where it operates to offer customers reliable loans.

The easiest and friendliest marketplace in Latin America

  • A simple loan application that is easy to complete. Personal profile data is reused as much as possible.
  • Receipt of the loan product takes place directly on the lender's website.
  • A mobile phone is enough. All processes and interfaces are tailored for a small screen and the capabilities of smartphones.
  • Offers are easy to compare: the differences and benefits are clearly shown.
  • Loan application requirements are listed on each product page to reduce the risk of rejection.
  • If a client is denied a loan, Robin suggests how to avoid it next time.
  • All askRobin services are free for borrowers. Lenders pay to attract customers.
  • There is a blog with articles on various financial issues and life situations related to money.

By the way, Robin is the name of a robot assistant that interacts with users and looks for the best deals. A personal assistant who asks many questions to find out needs and preferences. You do not need to write anything - Robin offers ready-made answers.