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How to Get Your App Featured in Play Store (Step-by-Step Guide)

Getting an Android App highlighted on the Play Store may appear to be a difficult errand. Follow these techniques to boost your application's odds of getting included.

In the event that you need your application to succeed, being highlighted on the Google Play Store is a significant advance.

Be that as it may, with more than 2.5 million applications as of now accessible on the Google Play Store and more than 1,300 applications joining the rundown every day, the opposition for getting an application seen by most of the users is getting stiffer step by step.

The complete number of Android applications accessible on the Google Play Store surpasses 2.5 million as of November 2018, as indicated by AppBrain. The Google Play store contains a huge number of applications.

Regardless of whether you reject inferior quality applications, there are even more than 2.2 million applications to contend with to get your application included on the Play Store.

There are techniques, notwithstanding, that can help your application acquire acknowledgment. The Google Play Store includes various waitlists – including pined for spots like Editors' Choice, Staff Picks, and Featured – that minister applications and drive regard for them.

Consideration of one of these rundowns can prompt more downloads, more users, and more fans around the world.

In spite of the fact that Google has set no particular models for applications to get included, there are as yet a few strategies that you can use to expand the odds of your application being highlighted on the Google Play Store.

For what reason Does Google Have Lists of Featured Apps?

Google distributes arrangements of included applications for two primary reasons: expanding discoverability and perceiving extraordinary work.

To start with, Google Play's rundowns assist users with finding extraordinary applications. With a huge number of applications accessible on the Play Store, it's hard for the users to distinguish which application can satisfy their necessities best.

By adding an application to an included rundown, Google guarantees users that it conveys convenience, usefulness, and wellbeing.  Second, Google Play's rundowns perceive engineers for their extraordinary work.  Nothing is more debilitating for the developer than watching their work get lost among a great many other applications. Highlighted records and classes uphold engineers who contribute incredible and helpful Android applications to the Google Play Store.

Included application records are similarly helpful for both Android users and engineers.

Why Being Featured on the Google Play Store Matters

Other than procuring a state of pride and improving your application's online standing, getting your application highlighted on the Play Store has a bunch of advantages.

For instance, accepting an Editors' Choice identification can expand your application downloads from multiple times up to incredible multiple times, as per Sensor Tower.

An Editors' Choice identification can help downloads. With such countless expected advantages, it's advantageous to give your application the most ideal opportunity to be included on the Google Play Store.

Google Play distributes 3 principle records including applications: Popular, New, and Curated. Every one of these rundowns likewise contains a few subcategories. With such countless records, there are a lot of occasions to streamline your application to build its odds of being included on one of them.

Approaches to Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store

1. Break down Other Featured Apps

The initial move toward being included on a Google Play Store list is examining applications that have just been highlighted.
Do a touch of exploration on the Play Store, pick some applications with marks like Editors' Pick and Top Developer, and introduce them on your own Android telephone.
At that point, investigate the applications, focusing on what qualities they share practically speaking. Specifically, analyze the applications' plan, usefulness, and all that makes them stand apart from comparative applications in the classification. You will find likenesses and better comprehend why they're included on the Play Store.

At last, actualize your takeaways from those applications into your own application to help your application's odds of getting included on the Google Play Store.

2. Make Your App UI and UX Top-Notch

On the off chance that you profoundly investigate probably the best Android applications ever, you'll see they all make them thing in like manner: a consistent UI combined with an extraordinary user experience.

Effective applications center around keeping a top-notch UI and conveying an interesting, intelligent, and steady insight across all portable and tablet gadgets.

As per Google, all Android applications should execute Material Design rules in their UIs. On the off chance that you neglect to execute these rules, fail to remember the fantasy of your application getting chosen as an Editors' Choice.

Indeed, observing the Material Design guidelines set by Google is the above all else essential to get an application highlighted on the Play Store.

3. Refine Your App's Functionality and Efficiency

Regardless of how incredible your Android application configuration is, it won't ever get a passage to the Editors' Choice area in the event that it neglects to meet the practical and user cooperation quality standards set by Google.

Before you transfer the last APK record to the Google Play Store, ensure you have tried it against Android App Quality Guidelines. These rules give engineers the best practices to improve the general user experience. They likewise give signs for what is fundamental for an application to fit the bill for the Play Store's included segment.

Following these rules, especially Core App Quality Guidelines will assist you with refining the usefulness and effectiveness of your recently fabricated Android application, guaranteeing that you convey the best user experience conceivable.

4. Influence the Latest Google Technologies

Consistently, Google presents a few items and advancements for engineers at its yearly I/O designer meeting.

Google rewards applications that are assembled utilizing its most recent advances, for example, Firebase, Flutter, and Action on Google.

In the event that you become an early adopter of these advances, the odds of your application getting highlighted on the Play Store will improve.

5. Focus on App Store Optimization

A great many people know about site improvement (SEO), which includes streamlining a site for web crawler results. Additionally, application store advancement (ASO) alludes to the way toward enhancing a versatile application to rank higher in application stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

6. Localize Your App

With more than 2 billion dynamic Android users everywhere on the globe, offering your application in however many dialects as would be prudent additionally assumes a fundamental part in getting your application highlighted on the Play Store.

Restricting your application into a few dialects is consistently a savvy choice and can help increment your application's odds of being included on the Google Play Store.

Make a point to check this limitation agenda gave by Google itself while you're attempting to make your Android application open to users everywhere in the world.

7. Advance Your App Effectively

Notwithstanding improving your application for the Google Play Store, advance your application on different informal communities and tech stages however much as could be expected.

Putting time and exertion into advancement won't just assist you with getting downloads for your application yet in addition will support your application's validity across the web. Applications that pull in users and buzz are bound to grab the attention of the Google Play Store who may include it on top-notch.

8. Build up Relationships With Influencers

Keeping up solid, enduring associations with influencers in your industry is additionally a vital aspect for getting your application highlighted on the Play Store.

9. Keep Your Ratings and Reviews High

User experience and user fulfillment have consistently been the first concerns for Google. The Google Play Store Editorial Team considers these equivalent variables while deciding if to include an application.

On the off chance that you completely examine the Play Store, you'll see that over half of the included applications have a rating of 4.5 or higher.

Higher evaluations and surveys increment the odds of an application being highlighted.

So in the event that you truly need to get your application included, ensure it has at any rate 50,000 downloads and a 4.5 rating.

10. Stay up with the Latest Updates

Google and users the same lean toward applications that are often refreshed.

This doesn't mean you need to add a totally new component to your application consistently. All things considered, you should follow issues users are looking for with your application and give arrangements through standard updates.

Remember to refresh your application on unique events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year. This is the ideal time for your application to get seen since the Play Store editors are probably going to clergyman a rundown of occasional applications on uncommon events.

For instance, to commend the soul of New Year, the Play Store editors are presently curating the arrangements of Best Android Apps and Games of 2018.

Application Developers Should Strive to Be Featured on the Google Play Store

By following these prescribed procedures, you can build your odds of making sure about a respectable spot in Google Play Store's included segment.

Most importantly, Android ought to organize conveying a consistent user experience, and connecting with UI, and eye-finding showcasing to make progress on Google Play.

For extra help, you can generally arrive at the Google Certified Android Agency. If you have an app development project, let’s discuss the details and create a successful app.