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Internal Communications App: Dos and Don'ts

Internal communication always was necessary for business, but with mass work from home situations, the importance of good communication tools is on a new level. Having a separate communication app is also great for the life-work balance of employees.

Integration With Task Managers

It’s easier to work on projects if you can create deadlines and tusks inside the messaging app and have notifications in it.

Calendar or Integration With One

The calendar can be a lifesaver for work communication processes, and you need to include one in your enterprise app.


It’s great to have a list of all employees and departments inside an internal communication app. That way, you can easily mass-send important information. That’s especially important for off-desks employees who aren’t present in offices or on locations daily.

Survey and Polls Tools

Surveys and polls are crucial for feedback, higher rates of work involvement and overall workers satisfaction. It also can give an employer some insight into the everyday life of an enterprise and add some perspective for future improvements.

Call Features or Integrations with Call Software

Call Features are essential, but it’s tough to create an excellent call feature yourself, and usually, it’s те worth it/, But integration with one is a must-have.

E-library or Archive

A place where new employees can find all the info about work rules and operations will be a life-changing feature.

Project Communities and Working Group

An ability to create groups and communities will help with employees involvement and productivity. Different studies show that better relationships between colleagues boost their work performance.

Onboarding and Training

The existence of a communication application will allow you to create an onboarding section, collect tests and questionnaires for a new employee, and a knowledge library for getting to know the business.

In Conclusion

Internal Communications App helps communicate strategy and increase team performance. It’s a great tool for more significant enterprises that support the HR department to optimize the communication between employers and employees.