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Logistic Apps Must-Haves and Best Features

Today we are analyzing the best features you can consider implementing in your logistic app. We pick up the best features all over thу pool of user’s logistic apps and find ten features to look into.

1. Client’s Identification

You can give each client a personal code that your employees can scan. That makes the process of receiving a parcel much easier and faster.

2. Integrated Translator Widget

17Track app is a package tracking app with a handy feature. It has integrated a translator widget that is helpful for users who aren’t fluent in English. If you have a significant percentage of users who aren't fluent in English, consider this feature to improve customer experience and stand out from competitors.

3. Advanced notifications settings

Most transportation apps will notify users about one package multiple times. The whole route from the warehouse to the door has around four intermediate stops, and if the users have notifications on them, they will know about all of them. But usually, users don’t need all this information. They want to receive a notification about the time and date of delivery. That’s where advance notification would help.

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4. Feedback and Suggestions

It’s an essential feature, but it’s an important one. User feedback is crucial in future updates of the app. It can give insights and will help to improve customer satisfaction.

5. In-App Delivery Rescheduling

Circumstances can change fast, and changing the delivery window in an app is a great feature.

6. Delivery Addresses Panel

Most users are using more than one delivery address. That’s why it’s crucial to create a simple panel where they can create multiple addresses and choose from them when scheduling a delivery. In addition, it’s important to make it stand out to avoid accidentally forgetting to switch the address in the cell.

7. Shipments Consolidation

An option of solidly multiply shipments in one is an excellent service, which is useful for customers and the overall logistics of the transportation company.

If you’re interested in developing a one-of-a-kind app for a logistics company, look no further. Let’s get in touch and discuss all the details.