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Things About Digital Marketing Every Business Owner Needs to Know in 2021

We gathered thoughts about digital marketing that will be helpful for business owners in the process of building a marketing strategy

Digital Marketing changed, and businesses need to adapt

Marketing has drastically changed over the past ten years. It used to be all about showing your ads and informing the pool of potential clients about your existence. But in the age of competition, it's all about personalization and microtargeting. You can't create two customer avatars and communicate with the pool of potential clients like they are all fit characteristics of one or another.

An email workflow is another thing that is not working in 2021. Once again, this instrument is not personal enough. It asks the wrong questions and triggers the wrong responses. The result is an annoyed recipient instead of a potential customer.
The main goal in communication with potential customers isn't to sell something. Instead, it's all about being there for them, occupying their mind, helping, and spreading awareness. And when the clients need your services, they'll think about you.

Your number one digital marketing goal is to inform potential clients about your expertise, so even when they don't need your services, they nevertheless recommend you.

Personal connection is internal to creating this bond and trust between the company and clients. That's why it's crucial to personalize emails and get in touch with clients on offline meetings or through zoom. Of course, it should not be too often, but to remain relevant, you need in-person contact even if Zoom is your only option in today's situation.

The most exciting thing about online marketing is its ongoing process of testing ideas and hypotheses. There is no one size fits all. There is no universal guideline or case study that will solve all your problems. And for a good marketing specialist, these testing opportunities are the greatest fun. And results are quick to get. You can have a hypothesis in the morning, start testing it in the afternoon, and see the results after two days. It's impossible with offline marketing but real for online activities.

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With all that said, we encourage you to embrace modern digital marketing practices and, with its help, create trust between your company and potential clients. And altRecipe team is here to help