Micro-Mobility App Development

With the constantly increasing ubiquity of on-demand ride-sharing services, its newest inclusion the e scooter gig. Also, getting it instilled with the ultimate e-scooter app features makes it more acceptable to people worldwide. It is no secret that mobile apps are changing the vehicle businesses for great.

With over 250+ scooters under its authorization, Denver from Lyft is arranging further to add 100 more with it. Even the ride-sharing e scooter app that has been acquiring notoriety in recent times is Bird. Bird, a dockless e scooter app by Uber, is the most well-known e scooter app in the significant cities of North America.

Well, I guess it is your time to give this startup an idea, and if you're reading this, I think you have landed in the ideal place. Because we are going to talk about the most basic e-scooter app features that ought to get added to any new e scooter app startup that wishes to get the scooter app throne. We additionally have an in-depth guide on scooter sharing app development with smart panel features.

1. Locate The Scooters With Just A Click!

The e-scooter app should make it easy for its users to locate the available e scooters. They would think that it's easy to decide which e-scooter would be better for them to hire. This would make the whole process a cakewalk for them.

Like the taxi booking service, the app you are going to fabricate ought to likewise permit users to discover the location of e scooters and hire them with only a couple of clicks.

2. QR Code Is The Next-Gen Key!

Users should think that it's easy to book their e-scooter. Presenting the QR code would let the users check the code of the respective e scooters quickly by utilizing their smartphone cameras and secure it's anything but a specific period.

Likewise, you can add a feature that permits the user to end the ride or permits the user to take little stops and lock their dockless bike for a bit of time.

3. Following Made Easy!

GPS is another essential e-scooter app feature that you can't simply miss. When the users feel like ending their ride, they should stop their dockless bike in the stopping area specified by the administration. The following office would not just make it easier for the users to follow the location of the corresponding leaving site however would likewise let the users leave their vehicles safely, confronting no further harassment.

4. Let Payment Be Hassle Free!

A secure and hassle-free payment method letting the users pay for the services online would be a valuable extra to your app. Keep as a main priority to add as numerous payment methods as you feel would be necessary to help your users pay online. Stripe, PayPal, Braintree are the most trusted and most frequently used methods for in-app payments.

5. Ride Memories Do Matter!

Letting your users access their ride history is an unquestionable requirement have feature that ought to be included in your app. Ride histories are pretty helpful now and again. They help the users figure out the previous rides and the sum they had paid to benefit the service.

Certain cases where the user forgets or gets no time to check the sum deducted from their wallet to benefit their previous ride. They typically tend to check that afterward, and that is when this e-scooter app feature comes right into it.

6. Message pop-ups To Keep Them Engaged!

Message pop-up comes as a deciding e-scooter app feature during its development. This feature lets them get to realize valuable information regarding their rides whatnot. Pop-up messages are likewise useful on the other end. It's anything but a route for companies to keep their users adhered to their app by advising them about different deals and limits.

7. User Feedbacks Are Priceless!

Assuming you need to create an e-scooter app that sticks out, you should keep chipping away at your software and keep it updated with every single required change.

The review and feedback feature functions as a lifesaver for your app. It would help your users share their ride experiences with you, just as it will let you know the road obstructions you need to keep an eye on. You'd get to know about the extra perks your users need you to include in the e-scooter app through this feature.

I believe this feature creates a real-time bond between the user and administrator panel and would help your business thrive its way in this competitive market.

8. Coupons And Discounts To Keep Your Users Engaged

This is a sort of engagement method to make your customers utilize the application and prevent them from changing to a competitor. Because who does not love limits, isn't that so?

Limits or cashback for referrals keep the users happy. However, it helps you increase the customer base. You will likewise understand what attempts to keep your customer engages and what does not.

In Conclusion

I feel it is about time for you to give the e-scooter area a chance. Also, if you need to make it huge in this market, these are the three focuses you need to keep as a primary concern.

  1. All you need to zero in on is making the communication easy. It is the fundamental reason why people are anticipating this means of communication.
  2. You need to consider the traffic and save the riders from getting stuck in the rush hour gridlock and help them reach their destination both safely and on time.
  3. Ultimately, serve your users with convenient stopping options and make the process of getting the desired e scooter for hire significantly easier.

On the off chance that you already have some comparative app ideas, feel free to share them with us. At altRecipe, we have a team of profoundly skilled developers who are quite capable of making your dream come true.