Web development

Front-end Back-end

News websites, Tailored Blog, E-commerce, Widgets, Browser extensions all can provide incredible value to your client. Our team specialises on a variety of arrays of web development.

Web applications are apps just in a form of a website, often they become ultra valuable extensions of your business. Integrations with popular services are very underrated, did you know the person is more likely to register in your service or make an order if he is capable to register using external service such as Google or Facebook? Enterprise applications are a necessity in case your business in not yet digitalised to its greatest capability. Get your quote now and let’s boost your business.

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Mobile development

UX/UI iOS - Android

With our mobile application development service, you will be able to expand your business, find new customers and optimize business operations. Mobile application development with AltRecipe will surely drive your business to its dreamland.

Our stronghold in high-quality mobile application development industry lies in our deep understanding of the modern cutting-edge technologies and tools coupled with the hard-earned experiences of our professional mobile application development team.

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Automation of business processes

UX/UI Operations Full-stack

21st century dictates that data is the key to success, the more analysis business can conduct the more qualified decisions are made. Gut feeling, talent is being overrun by cold-blooded digits don’t lie principle. We understand modern business needs and we are ultra-capable to analyze your business and digitalize the majority of it to make sure you gather the data you need and make profitable decisions.

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Сustom development

UX/UI Integrations Ecosystem

If you ended up here that implies you’ve got something more than moneymaking on your mind. We believe that’s the path to success, to bring true value to the customer you have to be unique and wanted. Custom development allows you to create almost anything you want — whether it is AI which controls your house and supplies or just a simple text message which will be sent to you when your kids are back from school.

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